Does your Wedding Planning Need a Software Update?

Deity wedding planning is easy

Does your wedding planning feel bulky and disjointed? Is every step seeming to take weeks longer than it should? It might be time to press update on your wedding planning. Wedding planning with Deity Brooklyn compared to other Brooklyn Wedding Venues feels like an improvement that can only be measured in light-years. With an all-inclusive wedding venue everything is under one roof. Communication between, you and your event-coordinator, DJ, catering team, bartenders, photographer, videographer, officiant, florist and more is a well oiled machine.

Brooklyn Wedding Vendors

Deity’s Recommended Vendors are trustworthy, creative and all have a go-getter attitude to make sure they go above and beyond for your wedding day. You are permitted to use any of our Vendors, but using our recommended vendors list is always an extra step of assurance that your day will go smoothly. Not only do we know their attitude towards putting on their best for your big day, they know the space and we have a working relationship with them that helps ensure a smooth set-up.

Wedding Planning at an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

Deity’s wedding planning timeline can be tightened up to only a few short months. As long as you don’t want to, there is no need to play a wedding two-years out if you are having a Deity wedding. Even if you are starting from nothing our coordinator, recommended vendor, and fully loaded Deity venue and services are here to pull off your dream wedding without all the back and forth of traditional wedding planning.

Deity Wedding Catering

Deity’s catering and food tastings. We often get the comments from couples, “wait that’s it? That was easy, almost too easy.” If you want to be extra sure your wedding is going to be fantastic. You can book a food tasting at the Deity Venue with our Executive Chef James Neal. Not only is this a delicious endeavor to pick your wedding day menu, it’s also a fun night out where you get to meet a few other couples getting married at Deity Brooklyn.

Finalizing the Wedding Planning

Towards the end of every wedding planning expedition is a planning meeting with our wedding coordinator. Your wedding coordinator pulls in all those extra details and puts them into an extremely organized schedule for you, the Deity team, and your vendors to remain on the same page.

With a system like Deity Brooklyn’s, let’s stop worrying and get to eating, drinking and getting married!

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