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Deity is the perfect venue for a surprise wedding. Haven’t heard of it? A surprise wedding is where you invite everyone for an engagement party or a birthday party or any other type of party that asks as a disguise for your wedding. We love a surprise wedding because it is low steaks, low stress and a ton of fun! Ready to skirt passed having to think about whether your parents want a religious ceremony? Want to avoid the awkward conversation about who is walking you down the aisle or giving speeches? Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg just to reserve a Saturday at a proper venue? A surprise wedding is a great way to go. Everyone is in such shock and happiness that it’s actually a wedding that families often let go of the traditions they were holding over your heads. Deity loves any excuse to have a unique wedding that YOU want. Not your parents.

Wedding Venue for a Surprise Wedding

Deity has a unique layout where our ceremony space is upstairs. When guests walk into your surprise wedding they will see a cocktail set up and there is no way they will know it’s a wedding. It isn’t until you go upstairs where they will be shocked to see an aisle and alter set up for your wedding. At many surprise weddings you can’t actually have a proper alter and aisle without giving too much away. At Deity you can have both. There are also options to get married under the Deity Tree of Life if you want to keep things more casual without a traditional ceremony set-up.

Worried about the outfit change? Don’t be! The Deity Suite has you covered. The bride and groom have a romantic afternoon relaxing and getting ready together in the Deity Suite and Rooftop. If you choose to let key family members in on the little secret they can join and get ready in the suite as well! The Deity Suite and Rooftop even serves as a secret place to get proper wedding photos done without guests sneaking a peak.

At Deity, our flexible catering options allows you to have a sit-down dinner or an extended cocktail-hour is possible. A surprise wedding allows you the flexibility to choose to be as traditional or informal as you would like.

Possibly the best part of having a surprise wedding at Deity is that you have many floors to use and to celebrate. Between the dance, floor, lounge and loft you can invite up to 300 people and they can be entertained on each floor between dancing, cocktails and food.

Surprise Wedding Package

Well, we don’t have a surprise wedding package per-se, but we do have a number of packages that are based on date and guest count. As you know we love to be upfront with pricing, but since this type of event is so unique it will be based on a number of factors, date, guest count and budget. Let’s start a discussion!

Contact Us to Start Scheming your Surprise Wedding

Do some day dreaming and then contact us! Our onsite coordinator and Deity owner can help you pull off a fun and unique way to celebrate.

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