Tip Fatigued? Should You Tip Your Wedding Venue?

There are countless articles out there about tip fatigue, but what about your wedding venue? Usually these articles cover restaurants, coffee shops, or services. However, it seems like the most egregious form of tip fatigue is found in the wedding and events industry. You are spending 10s of thousands of dollars on a wedding and its services and now you need to tip? That’s like tipping your sale’s person when you buy a car. Could you imagine?  

Bride and Groom kissing in Loft

Non Tipping Wedding Venue

At Deity Brooklyn, we are a non-tipping facility. We strongly believe that Deity employees are experts at what they do and so they are paid an expert’s salary. A living wage in NYC. We are proud that as a wedding venue we are secure in our services enough to not rely on tips.

Bride and Groom Kissing at Wedding Cake

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