Janet and Stephen’s Multicultural Wedding Ceremonies

The joining of two families is done all over the globe, but every culture has it’s own ceremonies and rituals to meet this goal. Because New York is such a melting pot of people we love seeing traditions from all around the globe incorporated into a Deity weddings. The multi-cultural customs make your wedding day more special, unique, and have an even deeper meaning. What ever your traditions are the Deity team is here to help facilitate those.

Traditional Customs in a Deity Wedding

For example a recent Deity couple, Janet and Stephen are the truest type of New Yorkers! They grew up in Queens and even went to the same high school! Janet’s family is Korean and Stephen is from Bangladesh. “Growing up in such a multicultural environment we knew we wanted to celebrate that background in our wedding.”

Their wedding started with a traditional western ceremony, Janet wearing a white dress and Stephen wearing a suit. Following the western ceremony there was a wardrobe change for their Pyebaek ceremony.

Multicultural Brooklyn Wedding at Deity Events

The Pyebaek ceremony is a traditional Korean ceremony that symbolizes the unification of their families. Both of their parents came up to the front of the aisle facing Janet and Stephen and gave their advice for a happy and successful marriage. They did traditional bows, poured tea and rice wine. Then there was a piggy back ride around the table. Janet caught 5 jujubes which is supposed to symbolize the number of children they will have! I would say that screams success for this Pyebaek. They enlisted extra help from Hanbok Story to plan and condense this very traditional ceremony.

Multicultural Brooklyn Wedding at Deity Events
Multicultural Brooklyn Wedding at Deity Events

Janet and Stephen changed again into more typical hanbok for our sweetheart table. To which they looked extremely elegant sitting at. At the end of the lunch they surprised their guests with a traditional Bengali drummer that led everyone downstairs to the dance floor where we had a Bengali dancer perform in front of everyone in a dance circle. A huge hit!

Host a Multicultural Wedding at Deity

We are extremely thankful Janet and Stephen chose to share their traditional customs with us and their guests during their Deity wedding! We hope Janet and Stephen’s story inspires you to incorporate your cultural traditions into your unique wedding day.

Multicultural Brooklyn Wedding at Deity Events

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