4 REAL Reason People are Ditching Big Weddings for Micro Weddings

We had a conversation with a couple the other day about why they think they are having more friends and family members decide to have a Micro Wedding. They had some incredibly honest insight. What we’ve realized is no, Micro Weddings are not a trend, they are a phenomenon here to stay.

  1. Weddings used to be for the parents. Guest lists grew because parents would host weddings and the attendance would be of their parents friends. Parents wanted their child’s wedding to be show stopping. At least parents would almost always be paying for such high attendance and opulent displays.
  2. Weddings used to be in home towns. When weddings were in hometowns it was really hard not to invite everybody, because where do you stop?! Everywhere you look there’s someone meaningful to you. Before you know it your 3rd grade teacher is somehow in attendance. More often couples are not living the towns they group in, so they choose to have their wedding where they currently live or they choose a meaningful or dreamy destination.
  3. Since COVID, people’s friend group sizes often has been paired down significantly. Only keeping up with real connections. Couples want this authenticity in their wedding as well by keeping their guest list to those who mean most to them.
  4. Practicality and expense. Couples are getting married later in life and are more independent from their parents in years past. Due to their independence, they often want to pay for or contribute to their own wedding.

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