7 Wedding Ceremony Tips from your Deity Brooklyn Wedding Coordinator

There are many common wedding ceremony mistakes that you won’t have to worry about making because your wedding coordinator at Deity Brooklyn is looking out for you. After thousands of ceremonies performed in the Deity Loft you can guarantee a beautiful ceremony that will leave lasting impressions. Here are some simple rules that your Deity Brooklyn wedding coordinator will help with to keep your wedding running smoothly

  1. Encourage guests to find there seats – Ceremony start times are important and not just for the schedule. Danielle VillaRamos of Once Upon a Vow in Brooklyn, New York, warns that you run the risk of causing confusion and leaving some guests standing until the very end of the ceremony. “This small, overlooked detail can cause embarrassment, annoyance and potentially even throw off the positive energy of the moment,” she says.
  2. Asking guests to turn off their cell phones- It’s always good to have a reminder to turn off cell phone ringers. The last thing you want is your grandmas cell phone to go off and she can’t figure out how to turn it off.
  3. Preparing the rings ahead of time- Take the rings out of the box and unnecessary packaging. You don’t want to be fumbling with the rings at the top of the alter.
  4. Efficient moving out of the way for the first kiss- The most intimate part of the entire wedding is the first kiss! You don’t want your officiant third wheeling it.
  5. Rehearsing the ceremony- Now a rehearsal is not a huge deal, but going through the order of who walks down when is important to avoid a scramble down the aisle. You want the timing to flow and feel organized.
  6. Mic check- A bad mic can throw things off so fast! A loud screech or people in the back not being able to hear you are both terrible ways to start the ceremony.
  7. Reminders to look at each other and not friends and family in the audience- Often brides and grooms are really excited to finally see all their friends and family that came to see them on this special day. However it’s important to stay locked into each other and be present. This is your moment after all!

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