How to Accomplish a Timeless Wedding Look

Timeless wedding at Deity Events

There’s nothing like a classic and timeless wedding. Yet, somehow it’s hard to accomplish with trends that take over our better judgement in the moment. Your wedding day is not the place to try and a trend that you end up regretting 10+ years from now. So what’s the key to having a timeless, but not boring wedding? We think we found the solution.

Historic Wedding Venues

Pick a historic wedding venue or a venue with an iconic view, then simplify the details. “Historic” never goes out of style. Neither does a beautiful backdrop. These things don’t share an age, but tells a unique story in their beauty.

What to Simplify in a Wedding

To keep things classic, simplify things like outfits, place settings, backdrops. The place to show a fun style and express a favorite trend will be on the dance floor. The dance floor is supposed to be a fun space you can let loose. A trendy mini dress, neon signs, cronuts for dessert, or anything that is calling you.

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