Non Traditional Weddings in Brooklyn

Deity has set itself a part for catering towards non traditional couples. Today the term “non traditional wedding” has expanded to mean so many things. Previously, a wedding was a very set program where you only chose maybe your colors and a slight variance of in the menu. Over the years weddings have become more customized to reflect the couples personality. Today, weddings look different for every couple. Many couples are even holding off getting married because traditional weddings don’t fit their personalities. We see you and want to give you some options on what a wedding can be.

Unique Ceremony Ideas

Private Ceremony, but a big reception- There are probably a dozen different ways you can exchange your vows. Exchanging vows is the most personal part of a wedding and we highly suggest doing what makes you the most comfortable. A Brooklyn classic is a stoop ceremony and big reception after.

  1. Courthouse Ceremony
  2. Elopement Ceremony
  3. Private Ceremony
  4. Rooftop Ceremony

Once you have a different type of Ceremony guests now expect a different type of reception as well. Now you have freedom to plan the party you’ve always wanted. That can look like a traditional cocktail hour, sit down dinner and dancing. However, there are some more untraditional options that lean more towards and untraditional party.

  1. Passed Appetizer Party- Think small bites galore. Tapas heaven at your wedding reception.
  2. Dancing and Disco- Have your guests enter into a total Disco

Non Traditional Weddings

Because we love to serve non traditional couples we have many Unique Wedding Packages to fit the wedding you want.

  1. Our Just Want to Party Package is for couples who have had their wedding privately at a courthouse or an elopement and just want to party with as many family members and friends as possible in a unique way. On select days we offer a minimum spend to buy out the venue. This gives you ultimate creative control.
  2. Micro Weddings are the perfect option who just want a small group of friends and family. The ones you know will always be in your life forever. This gives you the option of not having a big party if you aren’t the couple who feel most comfortable on the dance floor. This is a great option for couples who actually want to connect with their guests and share a private intimate dinner with their loved ones.
  3. Passed Appetizer Party is recommended if you want the size of a typical wedding and you want them to see you exchange vows, but you don’t want a sit down dinner. You’re a relaxed couple who wants to get the dancing started as quickly as possible.

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