6 Best Ways to Spend your Wedding Budget

We talk a lot about how to save money on your wedding, because we could always use some savings. However, you are planning a wedding for special reasons. Let’s make it count. This post will look into the best impactful ways to spend your hard earned cash. These are the wedding vendors to invest in without compromising in order of importance. We promise you won’t regret and what things your going to find are priceless.

Wedding Vendors to Book First

  1. Photographer– You will never regret spending money on a good photographer. We understand it may hurt to fork over that deposit at first. However a good photographer can make a backyard wedding look like you got married at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. The photographer captures the aesthetic you worked so hard to create and make sure it translates into those photos you will remember your big day by. This also means this is not where to compromise your dream. If your first choice photographer is $1,000 more than your next favorite photographer book your first choice. I promise you won’t regret it. Although a photographer is so high on the list, you won’t actually be seeing videographer on this list. While I don’t think people who had one regret it, we don’t find it the best way to spend your money. You watch the video only a handful of times. No one else sees it generally. They are lovely keepsake, but I think a printed album of your photos for your coffee table is a more practical use of funds.
  2. Wedding Venue– your wedding venue sets the stage for your big day. The aesthetic, the vibe, the creativity. The ambiance starts and ends with your wedding venue. Your wedding venue’s rules and stipulations also set the mood on how your wedding process will go. Read your contract in great detail. Are they going to charge you for ordering in your favorite pizza place for a midnight snack? Do they expect you to add an extra hour to your wedding day for a large premium? Will they allow you to have all the vendors you want? Mainly, do they seem to working towards giving you your dream wedding or are they stifling your vision?
  3. Music/ Entertainment- Creating the right environment is so important. The right DJ or a band is so important. They keep the energy at the right level all night. Your DJ is going to be the person to send off your guests into the evening. It will be the last thing they remember and a huge part of your experience. Music and entertainment is so important Deity Events does not feel like risking your wedding to a DJ you found online. That’s why we have an exclusive Deity DJ we include in your wedding day.
  4. Beauty- Dress, hair and makeup all fall into this category. It’s interesting because I find that people wait to book their hair and makeup until one of the last things. They get surprised by the prices of these talented artists and aren’t afraid to skimp here. We’ve found that can be a huge mistake. You want to look your best, but also like you on your wedding day. Even if you are a more natural makeup wearing girly in the day to day you should set forth to find a special natural makeup artist for your wedding day. Dress shopping seems to be the first or last thing people pick depending on how decisive they are. However, we highly recommend looking for your dress right after you pick your venue. You want your dress to match the setting you are getting married in, but it should be pretty quick you pick your dress. Most dresses are made to order so they take a very long time to arrive. Plus, factor in alterations. The one caveat I have to dress shopping is if you have a long engagement. Do not buy a dress two years in advance. Your taste, size and trends change too quickly. You don’t want to end up with regret.
  5. Day of Wedding Coordinator– Many people try to cut this by assigning different friends to different tasks to check off through the wedding day. I can tell you right not that’s a mistake. You will want a day of coordinator to be the person who keeps everyone on schedule, double checking table settings, ceremony set-up, the DJ’s playlist and so much more. Your day of coordinator is going to be responsible for making things run smoothly and solve any issues that might arise. At the very least you and your best friends should be enjoying the day and not holding onto a mental checklist. We’ve placed your event-coordinator pretty high on the list of people to book because you want to find the right personality for the job. Someone you get along with, can see your vision and can step-up and be a leader when the pressure is on!
  6. Getting ready space– You might be surprised to see this on the list, because it’s generally one of the last things people think. The best place to get ready might be completely free, like your apartment. You might have a great spot that costs very little like a home or hotel room that’s already been booked.

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