Historic Wedding Venue in Brooklyn, NY

On the historic strip of Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn, NY you will come across a large set of rod iron gates. In the middle of Brooklyn, this stands out. Those artistic gates is the entrance to Deity Events, an all-inclusive event venue.

Deity Event space has details of it’s historic state everywhere you look. The exterior is the most prominent display of it’s original use, a synagogue, turned antique shop, turned night-club, turned wedding and event venue.

As you step inside, the original brick adorns the walls of this beloved wedding venue. To compliment the “church” like theme stained glass windows were made by Brooklyn artists to help set the scene from inside. A cool speakeasy like bar accessed through a hidden door complete’s the look of the era.

Climbing the staircase going up to the Loft you will see original tiling and flooring. Imagine the little footsteps of little jewish boys and girls in the late 1800s getting their lessons. Today we might not be teaching classes in the Loft but couples can still get married under the Chuppah.

Historic Wedding Venue in Brooklyn, Ny.

Deity Events is completely updated with modern amenities, but we still love being the wedding venue with history and a story to share.

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