Micro Weddings are Growing in Popularity Here’s Why

Brooklyn Micro Weddings are growing in popularity. It’s not just a great money saving technique it’s a way to truly interact with your guests. If a person made the guest list to the micro wedding, they must be pretty special, and you will actually want to say hi to them and experience these moments with them. Let’s face it, if you are having more than 50 guests at your wedding you are just not going to get to get time to catchup with them all.

Here are some reasons people are saying they chose to have a Micro Wedding and why it was perfect choice for them.

Why have a Micro Wedding

  1. It reduces the planning time.
  2. Generally cost less
  3. Culling the guest list is freeing!
  4. Micro Weddings can be less stressful.
  5. A destination like an NYC wedding can become a reality.
  6. Fewer eyes on you
  7. Invest in quality over quantity

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