What Makes a Deity Wedding Special?

Jackie and Max want to tell you all about their wedding at Deity Events. There wedding was more unique than most by hosting their wedding at Deity Events by giving their guests a surprise around every corner. Each floor made Deity stand out. What truly sets Deity a part from other wedding venues is not actually the guest experience, it’s the bride and groom’s experience of planning their wedding with Deity to the actual wedding day. I will let Jackie and Max take it from here on explaining why Deity is set far a part of from other wedding venues in the area.

Jackie and Max’s Wedding at Deity

We got married at Deity in May 2022, but wanted to share our experience there. The staff at Deity made our day one to remember. Deity is a lovely wedding venue with a surprise on each floor. The vibe is so cozy, warm, romantic, and welcoming. We were not looking for a typical catering hall wedding venue, and no other place we visited came close to Deity.

Deity wedding venue and wedding services.

Anna, the wedding coordinator, was simply incredible. She is fantastic at helping brides, grooms, and everyone in-between create their visions. She answered every email I sent and every request I suggested.

The food tasting we had at Deity was nothing short of terrific, and the food the day-of was no different. We chose the family-style dining and it was a huge hit with our guests – everyone was able to try a little bit of this and that. Dessert was not included, which was fine for us.

Trusting the Process and the DJ

Deity offers a DJ at no additional cost, a vendor they have worked with many times in the past. As we got closer to the wedding, we felt a little bit nervous about this. However, we were wildly impressed with Ben – he definitely picked up on the music we were looking for. I would pay for his DJ services independently, outside of Deity… that’s how much we liked him!

Deity wedding venue and wedding services.

The bridal suite is absolutely beautiful. Though it is not included in the pricing of the venue, we felt it was worth paying for (especially for pictures, hair, and makeup).

Deity wedding venue and wedding services.

No Unexpected Costs at Deity

It’s worth mentioning that while we were venue shopping, we felt like there were costs for every little thing. Deity does not surprise you with costs; there were NO hidden secrets, unexpected surprises, or add-ons for every aspect of a wedding where it becomes overwhelming. The costs that we received in December 2021 were the costs that we paid in May 2022.

I wish we could do this day over again and again for an eternity. Thank you to the Deity staff that made it all possible!

Deity wedding venue and wedding services.

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