Kavya and Leighton’s Intercultural Ceremony Wedding

Intercultural wedding ceremony at Deity Events

We love a multi-cultural wedding. After all, weddings are about bringing two people together with different backgrounds making a commitment to a future together. When we see a couple as in love as Kavya and Leighton become one family we know we are in the right industry! Read about Kavya and Leighton’s experience at Deity Events below.

Deity Wedding

We had the most fantastic time getting married at Deity Events! We were immediately impressed after taking the tour. So much is included in the reasonable price, the interior is beautiful, and the get-ready suite and rooftop is a major plus. We were not disappointed.

We knew we were going to have a small wedding with a bit of a complicated intercultural ceremony. Anna worked patiently with us for months to pin down every moment of the day. It was also very easy to plan using their recommended vendors (Stonefruit Botanical and Le Image), since they were already familiar with the space.

Intercultural wedding ceremony at Deity Events

We made so many precious memories on the day-of — despite the torrential rain! The ceremony went perfectly, the food and drinks and dancing were great, and our guests had a fabulous time. The two of us had a lot of fun, too!

Event-Coordinator Saves the Photos!

We were a bit sad that the rain stopped us from taking pictures on the rooftop. But later in the night, Anna noticed that the rain had let up, and took us up for some portraits. That was so thoughtful! She also made sure we had a private moment after the ceremony to eat and catch our breaths, which felt magical after such a whirlwind of an evening.

Overall it was an amazing experience. We are deeply grateful to Anna and the whole team for giving us such a beautiful day. We highly recommend Deity!

Deity Rooftop Photos

Recommended Vendors

Le Image

Stone Fruit Botanicals

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