What to Expect when Planning a Brooklyn Wedding

Jenn and Mike were genuine and easy to get along with from the start. We were lucky they came in for a tasting so we could get to know them better before hosting their big day. When that day finally came, Jenn and Mike felt like old friends to everyone here.

Jenn and Mike had a gorgeous traditional church ceremony and then migrated over to Deity for the reception. When we asked them for feedback on their wedding day we couldn’t believe the response we received. They spent so much time writing out their experience that it can now serve as a guide for other couples getting married in Brooklyn.

Photos by David Perlman

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Planning Guide

Finding a Wedding Venue in Brooklyn

From the initial phases of wedding planning to fine-tuning logistics in advance through the day-of execution, we thoroughly enjoyed having our wedding at Deity Events. The idea of an all-inclusive wedding reception venue in Brooklyn appealed to us, and after watching the video on the website, we filed an inquiry to learn more. Shortly thereafter, we received a very detailed but easy-to-understand FAQ from Anna which featured transparent pricing and honestly answered most questions we had relating to event logistics and sample menus.

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Planning Guide

Planning a Brooklyn Wedding

We enjoyed the tour of Deity Events that Anna held for us, and talked though further details as to how our wedding day could be handled. Seeing the unique industrial chic aesthetic – modern but elegant – and the novel idea of having different parts of the night move throughout the different rooms to keep the party energy flowing really clicked with us. The space seemed like the right size for our wedding – we were estimating about 110-120 people – and the accommodations that could be made for attendees with mobility issues were also helpful. Deity was the first and only venue we toured, as we realized it was a perfect fit for us.

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Planning Guide

Transportation to Deity Events

We also appreciated having easy access to multiple transit options (as many of our guests were traveling to New York without cars) and a location that was easy to reach after the ceremony at our church located in another neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Planning Guide

Brooklyn Wedding Vendors

Another facet that piqued our interest was the approved vendor list which helped us minimize having to search for vendors on our own (and they already knew how to work well with Deity).

Deity Catering

We eagerly returned to the venue for the menu tasting event and enjoyed being able to fine-tune both our food and beverage choices for our special day. It was also appreciated that the menu had a variety of flavors and cuisine styles to appeal to many different palettes, and Anna assured us that guests who had dietary restrictions would be taken care of accordingly.

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Planning Guide

Wedding Day at Deity

Everything was handled professionally, warmly, seamlessly, and genuinely; we didn’t feel like it was a “business” but felt as if we were being treated like part of the Deity family. Loading in our various items on the day before our wedding such as the seating chart, photos, favors, and cookies, was handled quickly and efficiently; loading out on the night of went just as smoothly (everything was so neatly repackaged).

On our wedding day, Anna was on-site to supervise and handle anything that came up – from helping Jennifer with an issue with her dress, to making sure that we both were hydrated, fed, and as calm as we could be (a wedding day can be a little stressful). Anna and her team went above and beyond, even paying attention to details that we didn’t even think to account for, such as moving flower arrangements around.

The DJ clicked immediately with the vibe of most of the people on the dance floor (who were primarily in their 30s and 40s) and all enjoyed the diverse mix of music we heard. At the same time, other guests who wanted a quieter time or just wanted to go talk for a while were able to hang out in the upstairs lounge but not feel left out from the party.

Our guests informed us afterwards that they liked it for many of the same reasons we did – the menu, moving through the different rooms giving a flow of energy to the night, the unique aesthetic, and being able to spend time in the lounge or on the dance floor later on. We were so happy with how things were handled at Deity and couldn’t be happier with our choice of venue for our special day.

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