Wedding Venue for the Brooklyn Couple

Eccentric, outside the box, intelligent, cool are some of the words we associate with Brooklyn. Straight, gay, trans, black, white, mixed, inter-racial couples, we are all accepted here and it is home. That’s the best part about Brooklyn, it’s home to all. Which means when it comes to celebrating, especially marriages Deity Brooklyn does not discriminate.

Same-Sex Weddings at Deity Brooklyn

Many of you who know us know that we post about this a lot, but we can’t state enough how we are absolutely just as excited to celebrate a cis wedding or a same-sex wedding. Sometimes we think “maybe this is the year we don’t have to emphasize it so much people assume we treat every wedding equally.” Sadly, we still get asked “do we do same-sex weddings?” with fear of being discriminated against during the most important time in their lives. Also every now and then we post a same-sex couple’s wedding photo to our Instagram to have a nasty comment written below it. This tells us, that although we have supported same-sex marriage for over a decade now we can’t keep emphasizing our stance on this.

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