Luck Rains Down on Mike and Kimberly’s Brooklyn Wedding

Brooklyn Wedding Venue

If it’s true that it’s lucky to have rain on your wedding day, then Mike and Kimberly will have an extremely lucky life together.

Although it was pouring buckets on their wedding dat Mike and Kim were all smiles. Being such good sports, they still took a neighborhood stroll soaking in nearby charm around their Wedding Venue in Brooklyn, NY.

Many wedding ceremonies can be full of romance and reflection, but Mike and Kimberly were just getting hyped up. Their ceremony was upbeat with laughter and fun! Kimberly and Mike then danced down the aisle towards their reception in the Deity Lounge.

The speeches during dinner about the fun loving couple cemented that they just weren’t having a good time because it was their wedding day, this is the couple you want to take to every event to guarantee a good time.

Some of their best work was in the cellar. Absolutely dancing their hearts out and guests felt comfortable enough to do the same.

Congratulations Kimberly and Mike! If your wedding was any indication on how you guys do life together we know that you are in-store for decades more of fun and laughter with one another.

Photo credit Robert Carlo

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