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Wedding Packages at a Unique Wedding Venue in Brooklyn

Our Wedding Venue is forever adapting. While the wedding industry is slow to change. We want to be the wedding venue that offers unique wedding packages for special weddings and special types of events. We aren’t here just for the cookie cutter wedding. We are here for the small intimate weddings ones, the big raging wedding receptions, and the shy couple who had a courthouse wedding. Our wedding packages should be easy to understand, but as unique as you are.

Compare some of our Wedding Packages below.

All-Inclusive Wedding


A wedding day at Deity starts well before you or your guests arrive! Your day-of wedding coordinator will welcome your vendors, make sure the venue looks perfect, and the food is smelling delicious. Your coordinator will remain with you the whole night to ensure things run smoothly. Your contracted time for use of the venue from when guests arrive is six-hours. 

As your guests arrive, a doorman and coat check will be there to greet and direct your guests. Guests will be escorted to the Loft to find their seats for the ceremony. The Loft is a large room wrapped in brick. Over the ceilings are fairy lights to make the room shine. The backdrop of your ceremony is ethereal white curtains over the natural light of large beautiful windows. More lighting ensures you are the center of attention. A collection of candles light the aisle way down the rows of chairs. All on-site furniture and decor as well as sound system is included for your ceremony. 

Deity catering and expert staff will host a cocktail hour for your guests, followed by a family style dinner for up to 150 guests or cocktail party for up to 300. Deity will be ready for thirsty guests with a full bar with specialty cocktails and an owner handpicked wine list to choose from. All on-site furniture and decor such as centerpieces and real china for table settings, as well as microphone and fully wired sound system for speeches. Lastly there is access to digital projection. 

By the end of the night our DJ who is included in your package will have turned your wedding into a dance party like you’ve never seen before. Wedding cake cutting and plating is included. 

Micro Wedding Package

Deity offers different Micro Wedding packages to choose from to fit your budget. Continuing the Deity all-inclusive mindset all micro weddings include day of coordinator, ceremony in the Loft and a hosted cocktail hour in the Lounge, open bar package, basic décor package as well as furniture, linens, cutlery, glassware and china, coat check and doorman.

After Wedding Party Package

Our newest wedding package is a temporary option for couples who eloped, had a courthouse wedding, zoom wedding, canceled wedding or any other type of wedding that didn’t include all of their family and friends. We still want you to be able to celebrate and we know a whole wedding isn’t always in the budget or easy to plan when life starts happening. 

Deity always has a few dates each year that don’t get booked with larger, full scale weddings. As these dates approach, we make them available to smaller events that might require greater flexibility and a touch of creativity. If this sounds like you, you are in luck!

It would work something like this.  Let’s say you did a Friday night and had 100 guests.  You chose the Heavy Hors d’oeuvres menu.  The pricing for that menu is $90 per person.  So $9,000.00 ( $90 X 100 guests = $9,000.00) of the $10,000.00 minimum spend would go towards food.  The balance of that $10,000.00, in this case $1,000.00, would be credit that we would apply to the bar – ringing in drinks as your guests consumed them until we reach the end of that credit.  At that time, you could either switch to a cash bar or continue with an open bar for your guests, paying for whatever additional bar there was, if any, at the end of the night.  

Typically people spend somewhere between $40-$50 per person on a well bar and $50-70 per person on a premium bar over the course of four-hours. 

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