Affordable Wedding Venue in NYC

Deity Affordable Wedding Venue in NYC

Deity NYC has become known as the “affordable” wedding venue in NYC. We are very happy to have that title, but we don’t like being called is a “cheap” wedding venue. We are here to break down the difference on why we are an affordable wedding venue, but certainly not a cheap one.

Deity Events invests in it’s staff and talent. Everyone, from who greets you at the door, to who cooks you food is a paid much above market value, in a lot of cases double the going rate. We believe in investing in the people who are going to be a part of one of the most special days in your life. Our investment in our team does actually save you money, because with our fair-living wages you do not have to supplement their income with tip. Deity is a non-tipping facility. Paying 20% on top of wedding day pricing is nothing short of highway robbery, to the staff and to you.

Similarly, Deity does not charge service or what some venues call admin fees. No one is sure why they are charging these, maybe to help supplement other backend staff members? We can’t figure it out, so we won’t charge it.

Back to our staff, our talent such as our event-coordinator and Chef are on salary. Our investment in our team allow us to keep our services consistent. They help move Deity forward with their commitment to Deity and it’s couples.

Our own kitchen helps us cut down on a lot of costs that usually come with catering. Often caterers have to rent kitchen space, have transportation, and a lot more gear to safely transport your wedding food to your venue. Our kitchen does not have these overhead costs. Plus after years in the business we know where to get good quality food and we know how much it should cost.

We are small owners with a unique venue. We are not a large corporation that requires a lofty minimum in order to open their doors. With our venue and it’s unique floors we can be more flexible with pricing as we see it fits your group. For example, a cocktail party of 50 people will only need one floor and a smaller group of staff and we can price accordingly. With our competitors once you open the venue you are required to staff it at a certain rate according to your guest count. Our local owner of Deity is also the owner of the building, therefor we don’t worry about rent increases in the growing area.

Why Deity is an Inexpensive Wedding Venue, Not a “Cheap” One

A tell sign for a “cheap” wedding venue would be charging for everything. Here is a list of things Deity does not charge for that many venues do charge for.

  • Cake Cutting
  • D├ęcor
  • Candles
  • Linens
  • Chairs
  • DJ
  • Event Coordinator
  • $50 Bar Credit or wine on tables during dinner

If you are curious about our pricing at Deity and a full list of everything we include. Inquire on our website. Our event coordinator would be happy to talk more about Deity Weddings.

Deity Wedding Pricing

The average NYC wedding cost $65,824. With the average guest size being 117. Depending on a time of year you get married and weekend day you get married on a Deity wedding will cost somewhere between $29,250-$35,100. We also have other package options for couples who Just Want a Party or want to have a Micro Wedding with 50 or fewer guests.

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