What’s a Micro Wedding and Why is it Trending?

A micro wedding is a small, intimate wedding ceremony and reception typically attended by no more than 50 guests. It’s a newer trend that has gained popularity in recent years, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic when many couples had to downsize their weddings due to social distancing restrictions. Micro weddings offer a more personal and meaningful experience, allowing couples to focus on spending time with their closest loved ones and creating a more personalized and unique celebration. They are often held in more non-traditional venues and may have a more relaxed and casual vibe than larger weddings.

Micro Weddings at Deity NYC in Brooklyn, NY

Micro Weddings include a ceremony and all the beautiful traditions that a regular wedding holds. Many venues require a minimum number of guests to cover their overhead costs. For those who want an intimate gathering you often have to end up paying for a typical size wedding. Not at Deity NYC. The benefits of having everything in house is we can tailor our offerings to your specific wedding size, so that you aren’t paying for guests you don’t have.

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