All- Inclusive Wedding Packages at Deity NYC

Deity NYC, Brooklyn NY

Deity NYC used to be known for one simple wedding package. Our wedding package fit us for over a decade and we still love it. It’s still our most popular package. However, not every couple is the same and so naturally couples have different needs when celebrating their nuptials.

Earlier this year we started our Micro Wedding Package. Perfect for couples who still want every aspect of a traditional wedding, but celebrated with an intimate group of fifty or less people. Micro- Wedding Package is great for budget conscious couples too. It offers everything our regular all-inclusive wedding package offers just scaled down to fit their smaller guest count. The last thing we wanted for our micro-wedding couples was to feel like everything was just adding up so much they were better off with a larger wedding. A few of our recommended vendors have even tailored their pricing to fit this Deity Micro Wedding Package.

We just added a new package to our venue options. It’s not a wedding package per-se. It’s just a party to celebrate your nuptials. This package is for couples to who had a courthouse wedding, eloped, zoom wedding or any other type of wedding that could not include family and friends. COVID interrupted many couples wedding plans to celebrate with family and friends and many of these couples still have not gotten the chance to do so. This is also a great package for international couples who have family out of the country who weren’t able to make their wedding day.

Let us know if one of these wedding packages seem right for you!

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