Never Got to Party

We love an NYC elopement. Whether you exchange vows on a high-rise, in Central Park or on the Brooklyn Bridge there are many gorgeous places to say “I Do.” The private and sentimental approach of an elopement is tear jerking for sure. However, we know you really still want to party with family and friends, but maybe not in a typical fashion. You may still be feeling like you want that nice dinner with everyone with warm speeches, or you could be feeling like you just want to have a dance party with all your friends. Nothing complicated! If this is you, keep reading.

What’s Included?

Flexible menus are available. Typical menus are below. We do not allow outside catering or drinks.
-Light Hors d’oeuvres $50/person
-Heavy Hors d’oeuvres $90/person
-Standing Dinner & Cocktail Hour $120/person
-Seated Dinner $135/person

4 Hour Use Of Venue
Two Floors Of Your Choice

If you would like to prioritize a formal seated dinner all together, we would recommend cocktail hour in the lounge, then a seated dinner in the Loft followed by some dancing back in the Lounge. If you want to prioritize dancing we recommend the Lounge or possibly the Lounge plus Cellar if you are going to add the legendary Deity DJ for $750


The $10,000.00 minimum spend gives you the control to create the kind of party that fits your budget and your plans. NYS tax is additional. Deity does not charge service, rental or admin fees.

How Does a Minimum Spend Work?

Instead of charging a per person pricing, we are only requiring a minimum spend of $10,000 to allow for more flexibility with your food and beverage allotment and guest count. It would work something like this.  Let’s say you did a Friday night and had 100 guests.  You chose the Heavy Hors d’oeuvres menu.  The pricing for that menu is $90 per person.  So $9,000.00 ( $90 X 100 guests = $9,000.00) of the $10,000.00 minimum spend would go towards food.  The balance of that $10,000.00, in this case $1,000.00, would be credit that we would apply to the bar – ringing in drinks as your guests consumed them until we reach the end of that credit.  At that time, you could either switch to a cash bar or continue with an open bar for your guests, paying for whatever additional bar there was, if any, at the end of the night.  

Typically people spend somewhere between $40-$50 per person on a well bar and $50-70 per person on a premium bar over the course of four-hours. 


Deity always has a few dates each year that don’t get booked with larger, full scale weddings. As these dates approach, we make them available to smaller events that might require greater flexibility and a touch of creativity. If this sounds like you, you are in luck! We are offering this Never Got to Party Package for open dates from May-September 2023.

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