If I Save Money Booking Deity What Can I Spend My Budget On?

Deity Events in Brooklyn includes a lot of your wedding must haves in their wedding packages. Typically the two items with the biggest price tags on your wedding day is your venue and catering. Because catering and venue are wrapped up in one package and charged less than if you booked them separately you save a lot of mullah when planning your wedding with Deity NYC. If you are ready to take your wedding to the next level we thought of some ways you can allocate the remainder of your budget to have the most impact.

  1. Photography and videography: Hiring a professional photographer and videographer can capture your memories of your special day to cherish for years to come. You could consider upgrading your photography and videography package or adding more coverage hours. Many couples choose to forgo their videography because of the price tag, but with they money you are saving from not having a venue rental fee you can go ahead and splurge for a videographer.
  2. Flowers and decorations: You could allocate more budget towards floral arrangements and decorations to make your venue even more stunning.
  3. Entertainment: You could add more entertainment options such as a live band, DJ or photo booth to entertain your guests throughout the night.
  4. Honeymoon: This is quite possibly our favorite way to spend hard earned dollars. You could allocate some of your wedding budget towards a romantic and luxurious honeymoon that you will remember for a lifetime.

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