Add Deity NYC to your NYC Elopement Plan

We love an elopement. The anti-stress approach, spontaneous and beautiful backdrops. It’s seriously the best, except for you still want to celebrate with family and friends… That’s where Deity NYC comes in.

NYC Elopement

We love an NYC elopement. Whether you exchange vows on a high-rise, in Central Park or on the Brooklyn Bridge there are many gorgeous places to say “I Do.” The private and sentimental approach of an elopement is tear jerking for sure. Did you know there’s a wedding trend that is “private vows” where each partner exchanges vows in private with their officiant before their wedding begins? We want you to have that special moment with your dearest.

NYC Reception

After a very romantic elopement you will be on cloud-9 and want to shout your excitement to the rooftops. That’s where Deity NYC and all your family and friends will be waiting for you to welcome the newlyweds. Deity NYC is flexible in it’s offerings with a range of packages depending on guest count and time of year. You get to curate the reception you have always dreamed of with the exact right amount of people. While we love an elopement, don’t skip the party! Let Deity NYC help you celebrate.

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  1. or better yet book one of Deity Events micro packages and exchange vows on the rooftop!

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