Say “YES” to Wedding Evites.

Online wedding invitations used to be a divisive topic in the wedding industry. Evites have been adored for birthday parties or baby showers, but not embraced as quickly in a more formal setting such as a wedding invitation. Traditionalists wanting to adhere to typical wedding standards of hard copy invitations. However, like any major industry disruptor it takes a minute for these new ideas to become main stream.

Evites affordability, ease of use for couples and their guests is the major draw towards choosing evites over printed invitations. Big companies like Zazzle, Zola and Paperless post have offered evites that integrate into your wedding website for years. However, with it’s rise in popularity smaller and more aesthetically driven companies like Bliss and Bone are starting to turn us all on to the evite phenomenon by offering couples a more unique and custom option that you could previously on get with hard copy invitations. Finally, formality can be achieved even with an evite!

As an all-inclusive wedding venue we are always looking for sensible changes in the wedding industry to help couples save money and time on their wedding. Between the time and cost of designing, proofing, printing, addressing, and mailing traditional invitations you will not regret switching to evites. If you are looking for permission to make the practical decision and choose evites, well, permission granted!

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