Finding the Deity NYC Wedding Venue on Reddit!

Deity NYC, Brooklyn Wedding Venue

Deity NYC is not just unique wedding venue to the New York or Brooklyn area. Deity NYC is a stands out across the country. It’s always such an honor when couples search high and low across the states to find their perfect wedding venue and they pick Deity NYC. Here’s another way people are finding us from other parts of the country or even other parts of the world!

Kaleb and Frankie’s Wedding Venue Search

We researched wedding venues across the country for months and couldn’t find anything that accommodated our needs. We came across a comment on Reddit that mentioned how great Deity was and decided to reach out. We are so glad we did!

What Kaleb and Frankie Loved about their Deity NYC Wedding

To this day, our guests still tell us that our wedding was the most organized and elegant wedding they’ve ever attended, all thanks to the great staff at Deity NYC.

Deity is unique because it is an all-inclusive venue, which is (1) very hard to find in NYC and (2) good value for money. The food and beverages, day-of coordinator, chairs, linens, candles, DJ, table numbers, easels, etc were all included in our package. The impact was two-fold: we didn’t have to source additional vendors and thus, didn’t have to shell out large sums of cash. This means we had more time to source vendors that were important to us, such as our photographers and videographers.

The owner (Caio) and Anna (wedding coordinator) are great at communicating, very transparent, and genuinely kind people. We are so happy with how efficient our wedding was. We picked the perfect place.

Photos by Petronella Photography

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