Kyle and Katy’s Elopement and Reception

When life gives you lemon, or a world wide pandemic, make lemon aid! That’s what Kyle and Katy did to pull off not one, but two incredible weddings. You may have caught a couple clips from their wedding that we’ve shared on our Instagram before. This couple is so authentic. You can truly see the love on their faces. Today we can’t wait to finally share not one, but two weddings albums.

Katy and Kyle like many couples had their original wedding canceled due to you know what. However, their love didn’t stop so why should a wedding. They used this opportunity to create two very unique wedding styles. One elopement with a majestic mountainous backdrop. The other a whimsical and fun celebration with all their family and friends.

Finding Deity NYC Wedding Venue

My sisters were the ones who found Deity NYC after a few disappointing weeks of contacting wedding venues that felt like wedding factories that didn’t actually care about us. From the first email we received from Deity, we knew they were different. We scheduled a walk through with the owner Caio and left feeling so elated that we couldn’t wait to confirm a date. Caio wasn’t like the other people we met with. He was very honest, kind, and we could tell he generally cared to make our wedding one of the best days of our lives. The space itself is a beautiful historic building with a ton of character and didn’t feel like every other wedding venue. It was exactly what we were looking for. We made a date night of the food and drink tasting and literally had a blast with the other couples there.

Deity NYC Wedding

We rented the bridal suite to get ready in and take family photos. My husband and a few friends spent the morning swimming in the pool on the roof until it was time for them to get ready. The party itself was absolutely perfect. Everything ran so smoothly and on time. Our DJ was literally amazing, the food was incredible and we even had a chance to thank the chef in person which my husband appreciated as he used to work in a kitchen.

Deity Event Coordinator

Anna, the day of event coordinator, was on top of everything and helped us with all of our questions and timeline in the months leading up to our party. The day of she made sure we had everything we needed and that we stayed fed and hydrated. We could not have asked for a better person to be there for us and she was such a pleasure to work with from start to finish. 

Families Rave About Deity NYC!

Our families loved the wedding venue and thought it was such a “unique and cool place to have a wedding”. They still talk about how much fun they had at Deity NYC, including my 94yr old grandma who still talks about how it was the best wedding she’s been to. We knew we made the right decision booking Deity NYC the day we met with Caio, but looking back months later we feel so lucky to have found such an amazing venue and so incredibly grateful to Caio, Anna, and the whole team at Deity. 

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