Caroline and Steven’s Vintage NYC Wedding

Caroline and Steven’s Deity wedding was the vintage wedding that makes us feel nostalgic. The one that our venue’s heart beats for. We are so excited that Caroline and Steven’s wedding vision found the perfect home at Deity NYC. As Deity NYC has lived many lives, this Brooklyn wedding venue is made for vintage weddings like these.

NYC Wedding Venue Search

For me, the venue search was draining. Venues were too expensive, too far away, too small, too tacky, too unresponsive, too smelly (yep), or required too much DIY. Enter Deity NYC. Centrally located, all-inclusive, fairly priced for trendy NYC, responsive, and cute but not cookie-cutter. We booked a Thursday in October.

We had a loose Old New York theme but it could be a modern castle, a chill Gatsby mansion, a wild rave, whatever vibe you want. You could bring in zero decor and the place will still look good to your guests. Deity staff have the business down to a science. Our Big Day went as well as anyone could hope.

Deity NYC, Brooklyn Wedding Venue
Deity Brooklyn wedding photos by Le Image – Brooklyn wedding photographer and videographer. Intimate Brooklyn wedding venues.

Things moved fast in the month before the wedding. We picked from their menu, selected our bar type (premium, with Anna generously hunting down more affordable wine when we requested), chose a seating arrangement option, sent guest counts, and wired the remainder of the cost. We also had a call with DJ Ben. For me, Deity made for an elegant, low-waste, lowish-stress wedding.

I’m so thankful to everyone at Deity. In times of brain fog, I could turn to Anna for decisiveness: “No, don’t keep your phone on you.” “Time to go upstairs.” “You should eat now.” Just as I was thinking, “I’m tired of these heels,” the staff turned up with my sneakers. While a few guests found them a bit strict, I honestly feel the staff only ever had my and my husband’s best interests in mind. And we had a few lovable delinquents on our guest list!

Wedding Tips from the Caroline and Steven

  1. Here’s some info that might be helpful.
  2. If you’re having your ceremony at Deity, it’s an even greater deal. We didn’t save anything by having it offsite at St Agnes.
  3. LESS IS MORE. We could have skipped centerpieces. (You’re only in the dining room for an hour.) We also brought photo booth props, bathroom baskets, cake stands, favors, etc. The amazing Deity staff packed up for us but loading our things into the car after the wedding was an avoidable pain.
  4. Designate loved ones to disperse tips, mind valuables, ensure you get important photos, pack up, etc. Again: Deity staff is amazing, too. – Our 113 guests fit in Deity just fine! We expected 123 and had 10 no-shows.
  5. is great for seating charts
  6. Keep your expectations manageable. That might mean cutting back on all the actions/photos/speeches. (In my rush for sunset photos, I put my reception dress on wrong.) If you’re not sure what’s realistic, ask Deity.
  7. Be prepared to laugh off the things that will go wrong.
  8. Book hotels early for the best deal. The local Holiday Inn was OK.
  9. Consider an informal afterparty. Deity was firm about our end time but put us in touch with Someday Bar next door, where we enjoyed an extra few hours together.
  10. If you order special meals, like gluten free or vegan, make sure your guests know those will arrive after the other food is served.
  11. Budget for when the bar tab exceeds what was included in the venue fee—or guests can pick up their own tabs. It’s flexible!
  12. Deity’s suite and rooftop is an added expense with a number of restrictions but it was 100% worth it for us. I can’t imagine us squeezing into a hotel before rushing to the church. I wish we’d taken advantage of the rooftop more but there was no spare time.
  13. Just be mindful of valuables: The staff kindly packs everything but it will sit in the lounge before you pack it into a car.

Stay strong, wedding planners! You can put your trust in Deity!

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