Kevin and Candice’s Chinese American Wedding at Deity NYC

Unique Wedding Venue, Deity NYC

We that Deity NYC attracts people from a diverse background. We deeply respect people coming from all different cultures and finding love and wanting to celebrate in their unique way. Check out how Kevin and Candice incorporated their Chinese heritage into their Brooklyn Wedding.

Deity NYC was the perfect place to host our wedding! We were hoping to host about 80-100 guests and had six months to plan so the stress was HIGH when we started the process. With that said, we fell in love with Deity as soon as we saw it and meeting Anna, Deity’s coordinator, cemented our decision to choose Deity as she answered our barrage of questions patiently. So WHY Deity NYC?

Why Deity NYC?

The SPACE is unique; you get three floors to host your wedding, each with a different vibe so your guests are entertained throughout the wedding. The FOOD and DRINKS were fantastic, definitely do the pre-wedding tasting and think about doing signature cocktails too. You MUST get the BRIDAL SUITE as it will make your life infinitely easier and we spent the majority of our pre-wedding festivities there. Finally – did we mention it’s ALL-INCLUSIVE? AKA you don’t have to keep track and pay a thousand vendors. Your fee includes not just the space, but also the food, drinks, furniture/décor, cake cutting, DJ and the priceless advice of Anna (coordinator) and Caio (owner).

NO HIDDEN FEES, NO SHADYNESS, ONLY A TEAM that will help you design and have the wedding of your dreams. My wife and I are still riding our post-wedding high and hope many of you will get to experience Deity as well!


Photographer (PCL Studio), Pengcong Lin. Instagram: pcl_studio_wedding

Videographers (AnqiFilms): Anqi Wang. Instagram: anqifilms

Wedding Cake (Taste Crème): Katrina Atienza. Instagram: tastecreme

HMU (TK Wedding): Belinda Ni. Instagram: belindani_makeup

Florist (Art Flower): Apple Liu. Instagram: flowers819

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