The Jury has Spoken Dessert > Wedding Cake

Occasionally we would see couples break tradition choosing other desserts over cake. Now I would hardly call it a break in tradition. Maybe it’s the venue’s unique energy, but now it’s more common we see the couple’s favorite desserts displayed on a table over cake. Here are some reasons we are seeing this new trend taking over.

  1. Some couples welcome the break of tradition simply because they do not like cake.
  2. They want to use the opportunity to personalize this part of their wedding by getting some of their favorite sweet treats.
  3. Stray from the norm completely and switch from a sweet treat table to a savory snacks station.
  4. What do you think of this new dessert trend.

Recommended Vendors for Cake or Dessert

No matter what satisfies your taste buds. Deity NYC has a recommended vendor for it who will deliver your dessert for to your day-of event-coordinator who will display and serve to your guests.

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