Best Wedding Venue in Brooklyn

We know that “the best” Brooklyn wedding venue is subjective. However, with more five-star reviews than other wedding Brooklyn wedding venues, let’s breakdown why Deity NYC has a claim over the Best Wedding Venue title.

More Five-Star Reviews

Between Google, Yelp, Wedding Wire and the Knot, Deity’s reviews are top notch. This wedding venue isn’t only reviewed high, their lengthy testimonials are not to be ignored. Attestations that share how Deity NYC goes above and beyond for their couples and their guests, how they have held strong against price gauging because it’s a “wedding,” and how their collection of onsite services and recommended vendors make it truly a dream to plan a wedding.

Unique Wedding Venue

Deity NYC is truly a unique wedding venue. Curated to feature hand crafted items such as the stained glass art around the lounge. The hand poured hexagon shaped bar. True hardwood floors in the ceremony space. Antique brick surrounding it all!

A Place to Start your Day Right

Your wedding day arguably starts from the moment you start to get ready. Your mom and sister, and best friends have been looking forward to that special time they get to spend with you that day before you experience the rest of the day with your bride or groom. A comfortable space to get ready and have some champagne starts the day on the right foot. The Deity Wedding Suite is truly like no other. With 1700 sq feet of bridal bliss and rooftop that could calm all the nerves in the world. Deity has the best wedding suite.

Specializing in Intimate Weddings

For intimate weddings Deity is arguably the best venue in Brooklyn. For 80-150 guests Deity’s layout will fit like a glove. For smaller weddings, such as Micro Weddings which will be anywhere up to 50 guests our space can be arranged for a beautiful affair. Sometimes with small weddings you can’t go with a typical large venue because the space feels too empty, but then you also don’t want to go with a space that is never used to hosting weddings. Deity meets you in that sweet spot of being an experienced wedding venue host, but for intimate weddings.

All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

With experience comes fine-tuning. We’ve been lucky enough to have over a decade of experience fine tuning our craft. Craft cocktails that is. Plus, delicious bite sized hors d’oeuvres and mouth watering family style meals.

Planning with your Deity Event-Coordinator will be a breeze. With a timeline, support, and years of experience, your coordinator will be able to accomplish all your wedding day goals. We highly recommend you taking a peek at our recommended vendors list. Since they know the space they can help give you ideas and quotes to make your wildest dreams come true. Plus they share our price conscious values with us, so we know you won’t be taken advantage of. With your vendors expertise working with our coordinator there will be no wedding day chaos. We’ve got this!

Affordable Wedding Prices

We want to distinguish cheap and affordable. None of what we have to offer is “cheap.” It’s quality ingredients from what’s in your food to the fork it’s sitting on. Decades worth of expertise is nothing but cheap. What we do behind the scenes in managing staff, sourcing good ingredients, and how we run the building has been fine-tuned in order be able to offer to most affordable prices. Depending on the day of the week and time of year. For a 2023-2024 wedding, you can expect to pay between $200-$275/person for reception, cocktail hour that includes a drink credit, a reception with an outstanding sit down meal, and a DJ for the late night party. Many details are also included that we never charge for. No rentals fees, no additional serving charges, or equipment charges.

Hopefully this helps bring into light why Deity NYC might truly be the Best Wedding Venue

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