How to Find the Best Wedding Venue on Google

When looking for a wedding venue most people’s first stop is Google. A personal recommendation is wonderful, but you don’t necessarily want to get married at the same venue as your friend. You want a unique wedding venue that fits you and your significant other and gives your guests a unique experience. Obviously we go to Google to search for that perfect venue and start your wedding venue hunt. Here are some things to look for when using Google as a search tool for your wedding venue.

  1. Check reviews first. You don’t want to spend time on a venue that doesn’t have good reviews no matter how beautiful it is. You need to feel 100% confident in the venue you book, since you are entrusting them with one of the most special days of your life.
  2. Look where they are listed. Are they only on Google? Can you find them on other trusted wedding sources? Cross check their reviews with the Knot or Wedding Wire to see their accreditations in the Wedding World.
  3. Double check their services. Do they offer the type of wedding you want? Do you need a venue for an intimate wedding of maybe 50 people or are you on the other side and need space that can accommodate over 200 guests.
  4. Check their photos. Now does this venue look like what I’ve been envisioning? If it gets you excited, go ahead and jump into their website. Remember flowers and decor can do a lot, but they cost a lot too. How much will you have to put into this venue to transform it into your vision?
  5. On their website double check that you like what they stand for. “Does this adhere to the values I want to set on my wedding day?” If you are getting warm and fuzzies reading more about this wedding venue then it’s time for step number six!
  6. Inquire about available dates and pricing.

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