Long Island Wedding or Deity NYC Wedding?

Like many New Yorkers, Christopher and Victoria had a hard choice to make. Choose between having their wedding in Long Island at a traditional catering hall or country club, or make the leap and have a wedding in NYC. I am happy to be sitting here writing this because that means they chose to have an NYC Wedding at Deity NYC! From the moment we met Victoria and Christopher we hit it off! We knew we were going to enjoy hosting this couples family. As suspected it was a true honor to be able to make their dreams come true at our Brooklyn Wedding Venue.

Wedding Venue Looking to Booking

When my now husband and I first got engaged, we knew we wanted to have a simple wedding with our closest friends and family. I come from a large Italian family and my husband comes from a smaller Puerto-Rican family so between my family, his family and our friends it was around 80 people. Most venues on Long Island wanted at least 100-125 unless it was a weekday wedding, which we did not want to do. We found Deity by luck and we could not have been happier with our decision. The owner, Caio, is super down to earth and dedicated to ensuring that all of the events hosted at the venue go smoothly and as the hosts intend. Caio responded to our request for information super quickly and was very clear and transparent about what Deity NYC was able to offer – this was extremely helpful and comforting. It made us feel like we could trust him and his staff with our special day and would know exactly what we were getting. We then were introduced to Anna, the day-of wedding coordinator, who is an absolute dream to work with. It’s clear they work very hard to perfect their service as I truly felt I did not need to do anything the day of except show up and enjoy our time. She made sure my husband and I were well taken care of and the guests never wanted for anything.

Catering Hall or Craft Cocktails at a Unique Brooklyn Wedding Venue

The food was absolutely amazing – our guests came up to us after dinner and could not stop talking about how terrific the food was. One of the best parts of the dinner is that it is served family style so everyone got to try a bit of everything. The whole vibe of this venue is different and people really seemed to enjoy the flow of the day and the atmosphere. I did not buy a single flower as the venue did not need any additional decorating – it was perfect and simple as is.

Bar at Deity NYC

Childhood Bedroom or Luxurious Wedding Suite

We opted to rent the wedding suite the morning of and it was the best decision we made for the day. Having the ability to have everyone get ready at the venue and photos done early was a dream. The space was beautiful and we did most of our photos upstairs in the suite and on the roof.

Doing it for the Love of it

If I could do everything all over again, Deity NYC would still be my first choice. I don’t think I can rave enough about the staff, the space, the food, the communication. Everything was just brilliant and AFFORDABLE. It’s clear they are in this business for the happiness that comes along with owning an event space and not just about the money.

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