Going Big for a Brooklyn Wedding

Jason and Joseph did all the right things when planning their Brooklyn Wedding. They used Deity’s unique venue to it’s full potential, which firmly puts this wedding in the book as one of our absolute favorite weddings.

Brooklyn Wedding Venue

Their wedding day started in the Deity Suite. Popping Champagne with friends is always a great way to start the day. These slick suits are not to missed. They made their way to the rooftop to start taking pictures with their wedding party. We adore that they did not miss this opportunity to show their Pride! If you didn’t already know from many of our previous posts, Deity is very full of Pride and has a long history of celebrating same-sex couples love and commitment to one another long before it same-sex marriages were federally recognized.

Jason and Joseph took a stroll through the picturesque destinations around Deity. Capturing dozens of iconic photos along the way with one of our favorite photographers Robert Carlo.

Brooklyn Wedding

Upon entering the wedding venue, guests were swept off your feet by Joseph and Jason’s chic aesthetic. Wrapping white flowers around Deity’s hexagon made a jaw dropping centerpiece for the entire room.

The dance party was not one to walk out on. Everyone hit the dance floor in more ways than one.

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