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In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of micro weddings, which offer an intimate and unique experience for couples and up to fifty guests. Micro weddings used to be a more rare occasion reserved for backyard weddings or celebrities who want that exclusivity, but since the pandemic they are more common practice. No longer a pandemic replacement or a trend, micro weddings are here to stay. Deity is officially offering micro weddings at the Deity Wedding Venue.

Micro weddings are becoming increasingly popular for their affordability and simplicity. Couples can save money on venues, decorations, catering services and more while still having an unforgettable experience with their closest family and friends. Now they can save even more by choosing their micro wedding to be at Deity Events. Priding themselves on having transparent and affordable prices and now they are taking that mindset to a whole new level with micro weddings.

The trend is growing rapidly as more couples realize the benefits of having a smaller wedding with fewer guests. Micro weddings offer a unique way to celebrate the union of two people without breaking the bank or compromising on quality. Deity is uniquely designed for weddings with three intimate floors perfect to fit your intimately sized wedding.

Micro Wedding Ceremony

Micro Wedding Venue

Venues like a library or art studio aren’t as equipped for the particular needs of a wedding; it’s going to be difficult for them to anticipate your needs. When you chose a venue that’s not ready for weddings you might need a larger budget for decorating, which can often work against your goal of saving money.

Deity brings that all-inclusive mind set from their regular wedding packages to the micro wedding packages. All micro wedding packages include a basic d├ęcor package that was uniquely designed to fit the well appointed venue. Most couples don’t find the need to add much more to the wedding venue.

The Deity staff is ready to give you as much attention as the next wedding. Every micro wedding package includes a day-of event coordinator to help you with all the details. With three micro wedding packages to chose from, Deity can include as little as or as much as a regular wedding.

Deity Wedding Venue Decor

Micro Wedding Package

The key to a great micro wedding is to still go with a wedding venue, but one with more flexible options so that you can arrange things how you have always wanted to. Check out what the Deity micro wedding packages look like. Maybe there’s one that fits your wedding day dreams and budget.

Micro Wedding Packages at Deity

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