Kelly and Jason’s Vegan Wedding Planning on a Time Crunch!

You’ve seen it here before folks because we are utterly obsessed with these photos, but the perfect day deserves a good walk through of how they got to their dream wedding. We love sharing other couples experiences so you can recreate the parts that inspire you! Plus, Kelly’s laughter through this day is absolutely contagious.

Finding a Wedding Venue in a Time Crunch

Deity was the perfect place to hold our special day! When my husband and I got engaged, we knew we wanted to get married shortly after. This meant we only had a year to plan our entire wedding. With help from Anna and Caio at Deity, the entire wedding planning process was a breeze. They provided many beautiful in-house details for our wedding, gave us an incredible vendors list, and worked with us to curate an event that was personalized to us.

Vegan Catering

Being vegan, it was incredibly important for us to have a fully vegan wedding. While Deity had never done a vegan wedding, they were beyond excited to expand their menu to accommodate us. The food ended up being a HUGE hit!  The multiple levels of the space gave the guests the ability to find the perfect place to party and enjoy the night, whether it was downstairs dancing with the incredible DJ provided by Deity, or upstairs in the chic and elegant lounge enjoying a delicious cocktail. Our guests had so much fun, they are still talking about the electric energy of the space 6 months later. 

bride and groom singing at wedding reception

Event Coordinator Worth Raving About

We want to give a special shout out to Anna, the wedding coordinator, who made us feel at-ease during what could’ve been an incredibly stressful day. One of our favorite memories from our wedding is when Anna provided a moment for us in the bridal suite after the ceremony. She had celebratory drinks and a sampling of our passed hors d’oeuvres, giving us time to celebrate our marriage privately. This level of care continued throughout the entire evening, making us feel supported in a way that put all of our focus on celebrating with friends and family.

Thank you Deity for providing us with the wedding of a lifetime!

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