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Thousands flock to NYC a year to host their dream wedding and hope to take home wedding photos that include some of the cities most iconic backdrops in the process. If you aren’t much of a beach-bum, NYC can be the perfect place to welcome friends and family. There are always flights for guests, JFK a great airport to depart on your honeymoon to anywhere in the world, you and your guests will have plenty of things to see and do, and the culinary scene is one of the finest.

NYC can be a tough place to pick a wedding venue and start wedding planning. With a plethora of both historic buildings and stunning modern architecture, different rules and specifications at each venue, additional vendors spanning all types of styles and prices, etc; it can be overwhelming. That’s why we feel honored that Toni and Marcus picked Deity Events to celebrate with their family and friends. If you want to learn more about how they planned a wedding from across the country and what their experience was like at Deity, continue reading!

Brooklyn Wedding Venue, Deity Events, NYC Destination Wedding

Choosing an NYC Wedding Venue from Texas

We live in Texas but decided to get married in New York City. We came across Deity early in the process and were intrigued by the fact that the venue not only came with tables/linens, it also included bar service, food, coordinator, and DJ. In addition, we loved that the venue was three levels. The lounge, where the bar was located, was used for cocktail hour. The loft was used for the reception, and the cellar for the dance.

Brooklyn Wedding Venue, Deity Events, NYC Destination Wedding

Using Brooklyn Wedding Vendors

We essentially only had to go to outside vendors for the cake and flowers. The décor of the venue did not call for too much additional decorations. We loved the exposed brick, the “Brooklyn Love” sign in the cellar, and the tree in the lounge. We loved the use of candles and lights, as they created the perfect setting. We ended up booking the venue before seeing it in person, instead choosing to go off pictures, great reviews, and early email exchanges with Anna. Each new question we had was quickly answered by email in a timely manner.

Food and Catering at Deity Weddings and Events

What a great experience Deity provided us on our wedding day! We flew to NYC a few months before the wedding, to have our tasting, and wow, what incredible food. We had our tasting with two other couples which allowed us to try more dishes than we originally expected. During the tasting we also got to meet the Chef. In total, they brought us about 23 dishes, which included hors d’oeuvres, salads, entrees, and sides. We want to warn everyone, please do not eat anything the day of your tasting as the portions are generous and so delicious. The entire experience just reassured us even more that we had made the right decision.

The food we decided on for cocktail hour was chicken & waffles, Cuban sandwich, tomato soup & grilled cheese shooters, lemongrass shrimp, vegetable potstickers, & bruschetta. Our salad was the tomato and mozzarella. Entrees included beef short ribs & lemon cream salmon, accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes and mac & cheese. We added a 3rd side, the green beans, at an additional cost. We spent the next few months telling our guest how amazed they would be with the food. As we expected, our guests really enjoyed the food and so did we. There were so many food options that we could have gone with, which was another positive of the venue.

Brooklyn Wedding Venue, Deity Events, NYC Destination Wedding

A Special Thanks To the Deity Venue Owner and Event Coordinator

We must give some real thanks and appreciation to Caio, the owner, and Anna. We were only set to have the wedding reception at the venue, the ceremony was supposed to be outdoors, at Dumbo Park, which is about 2 miles away from Deity. The day of our wedding the forecast showed cloudy with no rain. However, mother nature had another idea in mind as the rain began as we had our first look at Central Park, around 2:00 PM. Our wedding was supposed to start at 5:45 PM and we were not supposed to be at Deity until 7pm. Looking at the radar, it did not appear that the weather would clear up (in fact it rained for the remainder of the day). I called Anna to explain the situation, which she was willing to help. In coordination with our officiant, photographer, and Deity we were able to push our wedding ceremony back and have the event at Deity. We could not put into words how appreciative we were of this kind gesture. When we arrived, we were wet & cold, and a little stressed. Anna assured us everything would go as planned and remained patient with us even though it called for some shuffling of tables and chairs.

The Deity staff was so professional, attentive, and made everyone feel special. Even with this change we were still able to enjoy the entire wedding and reception and our guest loved the entire experience. If you are thinking of getting married in NYC, we highly encourage you to look at Deity.

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