More Sushi Please! Deity Events Offering Sushi Catering

We are very excited to introduce a new vendor to the Deity Recommended Vendor list, Ichiban Japanese Catering. At Deity, sushi rolls had been one of the delicious selections on the Hors D’oeuvres menu that came included as part of your Deity Wedding package. It’s popularity grew and we knew we had to offer couples a new way to find away to experiment with more sushi during their weddings cocktail hour. That’s when we found Ichiban and it’s been a huge hit!

sushi at Deity Wedding, Ichiban Japanese Catering

Ichiban and Deity Catering

Ichiban catering drops off your selection of sushi and our professional waitstaff passes it through cocktail hour along with your selection of other passed hors d’oeuvres from the Deity Catering menu. The sushi can also be a station your guests can replenish at. It’s part art, part delicious snack!

sushi at Deity Wedding,  Ichiban Japanese Catering

More about Ichiban Japanese Catering at Deity Weddings

Ichiban means “number one” or “first place”. Like what our name implies, we devote ourselves to providing nothing but the best with the highest quality ingredients. Family owned & operated, we pride ourselves on our 20-year legacy of providing exemplary Asian & sushi catering options in NYC with top-grade ingredients. We’ve built a career on becoming #1 sushi caterers— tailoring our craft to your wildest wishes. 

If you are thinking of reaching out for some delicious sushi at Ichiban for your Deity Wedding contact or (908) 963-3594.

sushi at Deity Wedding,  Ichiban Japanese Catering

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