New Photographer New Perspective for your Brooklyn Wedding

New Wedding Photographer on our Recommended Vendors List

We are so lucky to have Cheyanna De Nicola Photography back at Deity! We’ve worked with Cheyanna De Nicola Photography for years and after seeing hundreds of photos from this artist we are happy to welcome her to our Recommended Vendors list. Cheyanna has a unique vision of your wedding day that makes your wedding album look anything but typical. Cheyanna perfectly blends the traditional beauty of a wedding day with new trends and a boho editorial vibe that makes each photo stand out. Every photo is worth a double take when you hire Cheyanna De Nicola Photography and we are happy to have her as part of the Deity team.

Cheyanna De Nicola Photography and Skills

Looking for Wedding Vendors in Brooklyn, NY?

Highly vetted creatives are at your service. Find them all on the Deity recommended vendors list. Here you will find vendors that go above and beyond to make your wedding outstanding. Our lists are curated to highlight the best vendors around Brooklyn, NY that can help you with your distinct vision for your big wedding day.

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