More than just a Wedding Venue

We are overjoyed for Tara and Richard who celebrated their wedding on the first of October! We love seeing photos from a wedding that is fresh in our memories like theirs. We remember Tara and Richard well and we are so happy they had a perfect wedding and enjoyed their time planning it. It’s such a bummer how wedding planning can become like a chore. Then couples can’t wait for it all to be over. That’s the worst feeling. Thankfully, Tara and Richard chose Deity because of the all-inclusive features and bridal suite. They enjoyed blissfully planning their wedding.

An Experience at Deity Events

Tara describes her wedding day in an enthusiastic review on Wedding Wire. “This was a full experience! Deity was nothing short of amazing. This place is a gem. Caio and his team, Anna especially, were so amazing. This all inclusive venue made my special day one to remember. Every detail was brought to life flawlessly. I will hold on to this memory forever more. And, the bridal suite is a MUST HAVE. What an incredibly gorgeous add-on. I enjoyed EVERY second of this day and this process! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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