Non-tipping Brooklyn Wedding Venue

Did you know Deity Events is a non-tipping wedding venue? Our professional waitstaff, many have been with us for years, get a living wage that doesn’t depend on tips. We do not take tips or include hidden surcharges to cover labor costs. All pricing and charges are for the administration and execution of your event, and include all labor costs. None of the pricing or charges are purported to be a gratuity and no part will be distributed as gratuities to any employees providing services to you and/or your guests.

Savings on your Entire Wedding Day

While being a non-tipping wedding venue is wonderful for the staff it’s just as helpful to the couple. In the wedding planning what often sends people over budget is tip + tax. Close to 40% of many weddings just ends up being taxes, services fees and tipping. At Deity the price listed is the price you will pay and there are no gimmick or add-ons. With our straightforward costs coupled with our all-inclusive approach to wedding planning couples that get married at Deity save thousands of dollars compared to other Brooklyn wedding venues. Tell you and your guests to eat and drink up, because it’s all included and our staff would be more than happy to get it for you!

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