You’ve Let us Know the Green Building is Closing; Here’s What to do Next 

First of all, we want to say we are incredibly sorry you are going through this stressful time. We always want you to be able to choose your first choice wedding venue and have a blissful wedding planning experience. We understand if you need to just go through the roller coaster of emotions, call your fiancé and come back to this. If you are still with me, take one a couple deep breaths and scroll down my friend. We are here for you.

Wedding Venue Shopping with a Positive Mindset

I know it’s hard to think on the bright side during a time like this, but now you get a chance to start from scratch and try again. Reimagine what was working and what wasn’t working. Maybe you fell in love with a completely different venue you happened to find after booking yours. If you are still in love with the loft style venue the Green building was offering, know there are many in Brooklyn. If after booking the wedding venue you started having doubts about the space, capacity, policies, what’s included, here is your opportunity to fine tune. Lastly, if you feel over your head with having to bring everything into a venue, especially now while also looking for a new venue, try looking for an all-inclusive wedding venue.

Loft style wedding venue

Wedding Venue Availability

Most likely you don’t want to compromise on giving up that Saturday date after this kerfuffle. To try and find venues that are more likely to have a Saturday 2023 opening try looking for locally owner or all-inclusive venues. These types of wedding venues still have dates, not because they are any worse than the larger venues, but because they don’t get referrals from outside vendors and wedding planners. For example since Deity contracts the Chef, servers, DJ and event coordinator, we have the same people coming back over and over to Deity. This helps control the quality at Deity, but not having as many vendors come through the doors is less of an advantage to Deity in trying to spread the word about our venue. We will choose quality over quantity everyday of the week, but what that means for you is; we typically have more Saturday and weekend dates available than other wedding venues.

Finding a Loft Style Wedding Venue

Brooklyn has many loft style wedding venues. We love them because they are true to Brooklyn’s history. Lofts are often seen a blank slate to creating your perfect Pinterest wedding. However, if you are one of those people that bringing every single thing in to the wedding venue feels like work overload you might want to narrow down your loft style wedding venue search to ones that offer all inclusive packages. Venues that include everything catering, rentals, furniture, DJ and more is possible, but decide what is giving you the most headache and spearhead venues that offer that.

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Wedding Venue Pricing

If you lost out on some deposits because your venue is closing, we want to give you a virtual hug. That’s awful! Now more than ever I am sure you are budget conscious and nervous about handing over a large sum of money at booking. Wedding venues should not be asking for a significant deposit when you book. If you are finding out about add on charges after you are looking at the contract, run! If you would like to tour and see a contract for a transparent loft style wedding venue we’d love to see you at Deity and talk through your previous wedding challenges and new vision.

Deity NYC Wedding Venue, Downtown Brooklyn, All-inclusive Venue, Wedding Catering, Wedding Reception,

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  1. This is heartbreaking news! The Green Building was my inspiration when we opened an industrial venue in Kingston NY @senstegarage. If there is anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have some good dates available in 2023 and 2024.

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