The Beauty of an All Inclusive Wedding Venue

Annie and her fiancé Nicholas were one of the kindest couples! What they were looking for truly made them the ideal client for Deity. To us, and ideal client isn’t necessarily someone with a $100,000+ wedding budget. It’s a nice couple who want enjoy their wedding day and not the compounding stress of planning a wedding for over a year. We love couples who want something a little bit unique. Those who prefer delicious food over elaborate table settings, and want to get down to some good music and maybe skip the conga line. Let’s hear from the perspective of Annie and Nicholas what their wedding ended up looking and feeling like.

Photos By Tati Poly

Lofted Wedding Venue Ceremony

All- Inclusive Wedding Venue

“When we were searching for a wedding venue in NYC, we were trying to find a place that was relatively affordable (hard in this city!). We did not have a wedding planner, and so we needed it to be as all inclusive as possible. Deity delivered! Not having to worry about food, rentals, the bar, or the DJ made our lives so much easier.”

Feels Like Family

“Caio and our day of coordinator Anna were so helpful leading up to the wedding, especially with the continued covid-related events changes. In the days leading up to the wedding we were able bring over some decor ahead of time, and Anna did a wonderful job reusing a lot of in the various spaces depending on where people were going to be without me even noticing!”

Unique Wedding Venue

“We loved the old building and the 3 spaces, which allowed the evening to feel fresh as we moved from the cocktail space to the dinner floor to the dance floor. Many of our guests said they thought the dance party was especially great because it was where most people were and you basically didn’t have the option to not dance! Of course, the excellent DJ provided by Deity helped. We had just under 100 guests, which felt like the perfect amount for the space.”

A Wedding Venue that’s right for you?

Does Annie and Nick’s wedding seem similar to what you are looking for in a wedding venue? Come into the Deity Wedding Venue to see how we can make our Unique Wedding Venue, uniquely yours for your wedding day. Read more reviews of weddings at Deity here.

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