What Makes the Best Weddings?

The best weddings for couples and guests alike have four qualities: ease of planning, romantic venue, delicious food accompanied by professional service, and by the end of the night- the ultimate party to send the newlyweds off.  

After 15 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about creating a day you and your guests will always remember. We’ve learned what makes wedding guests have the most fun- the must-haves to allow the wedding couple to love their bespoken wedding, what to take off the couples plate to allow them to fully live in the moment, when extra staff could be most helpful, the best ways to run dinner service, how to ease transitions during the day to make each moment seem purposeful. The list could go on forever, but all bring us to the big four listed below.

Romantic Deity Wedding Venue

We start off with a not so blank slate. From your first steps into the Deity Lounge, you are greeted by a hand built bar by Brooklyn Artists, comforted by a comfortable lounging area as the  branches of the Deity Tree of Life dazzles overhead. The loft is a rustic modern twist go give off warm romantic light during ceremony and dinner. Lastly the cellar is a modern disco ready to boogie. The goal here is to give you a well thought out venue decorated especially for your wedding. We aren’t a blank space venue that needs to be transformed to fit a wedding. To put your aesthetic into the space are some personal touches and maybe a little help from a florist. Flowers go along way in the candle lit wedding venue. We have many recommended florists to choose from on our Recommended Vendors list.

Wedding Planning Made Easy at Deity

The Deity wedding venue also includes the staples- tables, cake cutting utensils, chairs, linens, china, cutlery, sound system and microphones and much more are already onsite. Nothing can be forgotten! 

A Deity wedding also comes with a wedding coordinator. Every Deity wedding has a wedding coordinator to contact with questions through the process, remind you of important deadlines, keep track of your vendors, be there for your special deliveries and to make sure things are set up to your vision. Each couple at Deity will have a planning meeting with the Deity Coordinator to create your day of schedule, choose your wedding menu, bar package, and cover all the bases of the day. After your planning meeting couples generally feel so much relief knowing they have someone in their corner making sure your wedding dreams come true.  

Delicious Wedding Catering

Catering at Deity is simply the best! A modern twist on comfort foods from around the world is what you have to look forward to salivating over. With an onsite kitchen and highly accredited chef restaurant quality meals are sent to your table piping hot. No heated catering boxes here- flavors and textures will maintain their perfection. We have two different ways to serve dinner depending on the type of a wedding you are after. The more popular and traditional approach is a family style dinner. 

Large platters of mouth watering entrees, sides, bread and butter are presented promptly to each table. There is no need to pre-order your guests’ meal preferences. They can choose right there from what looks best to them. 

Cake and or Desserts that have been brought in by an outside vendor will be displayed for you by the dance floor. Cake cutting and serving will also be included by our expert staff. 

The Deity Party

We are really excited for you to come and party with in our Cellar with our DJ. Expert DJs from when Deity was a club is now your wedding DJ. As a reminder your DJ and MC is included in your wedding day package, so kick your shoes off and let’s get do dancing. Our reviews always include excellent remarks about the quality of the DJ and the party he helps create at the end of the night.

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