Wedding Vendor Spotlight on Marie’s Blooms

Marie’s Blooms gets it! She sees the space, the light and can envision the perfect floral arrangements for the space and your taste. It’s a super power if you ask me. We love the brick background and natural light that the Deity loft offers, but nothing transforms it quite like our romantic candles, some twinkling lights and bespoken arrangements by Marie’s Blooms. Her creative detailing makes the wedding venue truly sing. 

Owner of Marie’s Blooms

Marie Jean-Baptiste is proud black woman founder and owner of the local small business Marie’s Blooms in New York City and the mastermind behind some of the viral creations you may be catching on Instagram. Marie is known for whimsical and eclectic design aesthetics, her fun approach to floral design, and her bright flower kiosk at the iconic 59th Street, Columbus Circle train station in New York City. 

Past Clients of Marie’s Blooms

Affectionately nicknamed New York’s Flower Fairy, Marie has had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of clients. She recently created head-turning bouquets for Drew Barrymore, Jenna Bush, Hoda Kotb, Charlemagne Da God, and Hailey Steinfeld. She’s also worked with legacy brands such as Estee Lauder, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and New York’s number one hospital: New York-Presbyterian. 

Marie’s Bloom Weddings

Marie is mostly passionate about designing wedding flowers! The motto for her couples is: ‘Feel It And Let Us Express It’.  Her and her team work with their couples from the inception of their ideas to surpassing their expectations in executing their chosen design. Tables, arches, hanging arrangements and even flower crowns, there’s nothing she can’t transform. Naturally she’s one of our favorite vendors to work with. 

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