Summer Brooklyn Wedding, but inside!

We love summer weddings at Deity NYC! Whether it’s just taking in the scenery from the Deity Rooftop and Spa, strolling down the friendly street to pick up an item from a Recommended Vendor or heading down to one of the many iconic backdrops in Brooklyn to catch a wedding day photoshoot. At Deity Events we love hosting summer weddings. However at Deity we know all too well the reality of random rain storms, summer heatwaves, quickly melting ice, and the smells of the city. However, Deity Brooklyn is ready to combat all of your summer wedding woes with our well equipped indoor venue. We’ve thought of the practical needs while still paying attention to detail with expert design to bring the outdoors in.

Photography by Robert Carlo at Deity Events a Brooklyn Wedding Venue
Photography by Le Image

Lounge at a Brooklyn Wedding

Take sip of an ice cold cocktail from the bar and head into the Deity Lounge. We bring the outside in, just not the heat, stink, or noise, with a few design choices. This Tree of Life is a life sized representation of bringing the outdoors in. Designed by Brooklyn artists is the focal point of the lounge.

Deity Events Wedding Venue, All-Inclusive Weddings, Catering, Brooklyn Bridal Suite, Dance Floor

Brooklyn Wedding Reception

The Loft is an etherial open layout with light and airy curtains that allow the greenery of the background into your ceremony and reception. Dinner and of course more cool drinks will be served in the loft for your Brooklyn Wedding.

Photo by Le Image at Deity Events

We can’t wait for you and your family to come enjoy a beautiful wedding at Deity Events this summer. If you are looking to book a Summer 2023 wedding, we still have dates available. Come in and see how we can give you the best summer wedding!

Deity Events Wedding Venue, All-inclusive Brooklyn Wedding, NYC Venue, Catering

Come Visit Deity Events

Are you curious what other unique features this Brooklyn Wedding Venue has to offer? We pride ourselves on offering more than your average wedding venue without compromising on quality. Come see for yourself. Deity is located on an NYC Landmark stretch of Atlantic Ave in Downtown Brooklyn, between Hoyt and Bond Streets. We can’t wait to show you around!

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