Fall in Love with this Brooklyn Wedding

Fall in love with this Brooklyn Wedding! Try not to smile at this Deity Brooklyn Wedding.  Capturing the infectious joy of this newly married couple and their crew was Le Image Photography. From the sweet “first look” on the Deity rooftop, to the romantic walk on the streets of DUMBO Brooklyn. From the sentimental ceremony and dinner, and finishing up with an epic dance party. The energy of this couple and their bridal party is undeniable. We asked them a few questions about their amazing big day:

Describe your Wedding Day- through Rosie’s eyes: Our wedding day was the day of my dreams. Throughout the planning process we changed our wedding style and several ideas. However, I was ecstatic to see how everything turned out the day of. I was exhausted from waking up at 6 am to get my hair done and I spent the entire morning avoiding Janeva in the bridal suite. We even ran slightly behind schedule, but in the end, I think it worked out perfectly. Seeing everything come together was my favorite part.  Especially seeing all our families talking, getting to know each other, and dancing the night away. The greenery, the ambiance, and the lighting was everything I ever dreamed of. Our wedding day was full of love, joy and laughter. 

What is your favorite memory of your big day? The speeches that were given by our bridal party definitely surprised us. Initially we told the three of them to make it short and sweet so that everyone would have a moment to say what they needed to say, then get on with the night. However, we’re glad they rebelled. Each of their speeches went longer than the 2 minutes we originally set as the limit, but they were personalized based on each of their relationships with the two of us. It was definitely one of sweetest moments of the night

Whose help did you enlist the most? Leading up to the big day, we relied on each other the most. We chose Deity, our style, and all of our vendors privately, without the consultation of anyone else. We’re a very private couple and prefer to make decisions on our own, before involving others. It wasn’t until we were closer to the wedding day that we finally enlisted the help of our bridal party to assist with small tasks such as the drop-off of items to Deity.

Was there a particular detail that a vendor did for you that was special? When we first saw the ceremony space, prior to when guests arrived, it was decorated BEAUTIFULLY by Rosehip. However, I noticed something small that we had discussed wanting, but ultimately decided against it to fit our budget. There was additional greenery hanging from the ceiling and it went perfectly with the rest of the arrangements in the room. Turns out, the greenery was from a previous wedding and Caio (of Deity), decided to leave it up for our use. Because he had remembered the conversation we had during our planning meeting when we discussed wanting it. It was something so small, that meant so much to us.

If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be?( Our favorite memories from that day were the dances we did with our parents. Rosie danced with her father and although my father was present, I decided I wanted to dance with my Mother. She’s one of the strongest women that I know & seeing that my father already had the honor of walking me down the aisle, I wanted her to feel special and in-cooperated on my big day.

What was your crowd like? Dancing crowd? Foodies? Definitely a dancing crowd! (the alcohol might have played a part) lol. However, everyone raved about how good the food was as well so I guess our crowd can be considered “Dancing foodies”

How did you find and decide on Deity as your Wedding Venue? We discovered Deity from a simple google search of “Brooklyn venues”. The two of us were born and raised in Brooklyn and couldn’t have asked for a better space to represent that.  Deciding on Deity as our wedding venue was as easy as breathing. The space was intimate, non-traditional, and captivating. Once we left from seeing the space for the first time, we couldn’t wait to come back. There was no comparison, and not a doubt in our minds, that Deity would be the one to host ourwedding.

Thanks to the Vendors!

Photographer/Videographer: Le Image

Flowers: Rosehip Florist

Dessert: Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery

Venue & Catering: Deity of course!

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