Vendor Spotlight Megan & Kenneth

Let’s just talk about one of Deity NYC Events favorite Photography duo: Megan and Kenneth have captured some our favorite Wedding moments at Deity. They can handle not just Weddings, but also elopements, engagement shoots, and proposals. They give us the run-down on who they are, what they do, how they do it, and some of their absolutely gorgeous work!

Tell us about yourselves Just a couple of photo nerds and a married couple. Seriously, we met in a photo studio, fell in love in a photo studio and… well… can you guess where we got married? Told you, total photo nerds. We’re big on love and marriage, and we know you are too. We also know that missing your cocktail hour or being stolen away for photos for hours on end is not the kind of wedding you want. So… we don’t do that. But we do get to know you as a couple. It’s important to us that we don’t feel like strangers to you on your wedding day. Because when you know us, you trust us. And that’s when we get the “Really Good Photos”.

Tell us a little more about what your style is If you are looking for fun, friendly, flexible photographers? You’re not fans of stuffy, formal photography. Your worst nightmare would be having to spend hours away from your friends and family on your wedding day getting your photos taken. And you’re not that comfortable having your picture taken anyway. We get it, and we’re right there with you. As NY and Brooklyn Wedding Photographers, our whole thing is about making sure you’re happy, comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. 

Give us your pitch to your perspective clients We know how much your photos will matter in the future. We also know you don’t want formal, posed pictures, and that you love fun, natural, candid and relaxed photos that show you just as you are! You’re a couple who believe in the importance of marriage. It’s not about the fanciest venue, the giant cake or the most expensive flowers for you two. You just wanna celebrate being in love and sharing that with the people that matter to you most, and we love that about you. Relationships, connection, love and all the things that mean so much, all recorded in beautiful photos and video that you’ll be able to look at, watch and share over and over again. And if you’re craving a quick bite and a drink after we’re done shooting, then we’re going to get along just fine. We can’t wait to meet you already!

But wait! There is more They do video too! We are so in love with Erika & Ashley……Check out their super fun Wedding Trailer:

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