At Last! This NYC Wedding Day

Pulling off a Wedding in 2021 is no small feat! This Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue couple managed to pull it off beautifully after planning originally to get married in 2020. Having the wedding with family and friends, including traditional games and a tea ceremony. Photographed by One Stop Wedding Studio. This Bride lets us in on what her big day (FINALLY!) was like:

Describe your wedding day The girls woke up around 5am to get our makeup done & the guys..woke up much later..lucky them. It was raining on 9.9.21 but thankfully it wasn’t too bad. 
There’s a saying “your wedding day is going to go by so quick”, it did not feel like that early in the morning but once Tao and his groomsmen showed up, time started racing at such a fast pace that I felt like we didn’t have time to do what we wanted. 
In our culture, before the groom and bride meets, the groomsmen had to go through a few games that was made up by the bridesmaids. If the groomsmen fail a certain task/game, they have to give the bridesmaids red envelopes which contains money…a lot money! It was certainly a lot of fun for the bridesmaids to collect so many red envelopes.
After that, we had the traditional tea ceremony with the parents and in-laws. Then, we went to Dumbo to take pictures. It was raining a bit but we got the shots done and it was beautiful! 
Overall, the day wasn’t too stressful but the saying “your wedding day is going to go by so quick” cannot be any truer.

Whose help did you enlist the most?
Since it was raining that day, my dress was a bit ruined and my bridesmaids has really helped me with cleaning the wedding dress after we had the outdoor shoot. My husband was also a big help, he was making sure I’m good and that the dress is good and vice versa, I was making sure he’s handsome as ever.

If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be?
My favorite memory is the tea ceremony for the parents and in-laws because in our culture, it’s the utmost respect towards our elders when we get married. 
The second one is when I walked down the aisle with my dad. My dad is not an emotional being but I can tell that he was quite overwhelmed with mixed emotions when he was walking me down the aisle. 

What was your crowd like? The crowd consists of mainly older folks because I wanted just family and a few close friends. Given that we’re Asian, they’re more on the reserved side but we do have some younger folks who loved the dance floor and the food.

Who made the beautiful Wedding Cake? Taste Creme in Long Island City

How did you find and decide on Deity as your Wedding Venue? I think it was on or Zola that I’ve found Deity. I make quick decisions and I’ve looked at multiple venues so when I first saw Deity online, I could not stop thinking about the venue. Everyday, I would go on Deity’s website to look at pictures and finally we’ve reached out to Caio. It was the first and only venue we’ve checked out and we put down the down deposit on that very day. We wanted our wedding venue to be accessible to our friends and families coming from both Queens and Brooklyn, Deity was the perfect location.

Any advice for future Brides? Caio, Caio! I really don’t have words on how much we appreciate your kindess and patience. Like many couples who was suppose to get married in 2020, it was sadly a no-go due to the pandemic. We had to reschedule multiple times and we finally had a date in 2021. It was a lot of back and forth with Caio and he was really responsive and that was truly appreciated. The day of the wedding, we booked the bridal suite and omg… please, PLEASE book the bridal suite, it’s lifesaving! It was raining on the day we got married so we didn’t get to use the rooftop but the bridal suite was EVERYTHING! Trust me, you will not regret booking the bridal suite. We had a lot of freedom to do what we want and if we need Caio and his staff, they’re right there to help. Honestly, this was the first venue space we checked out and we booked it on that very day. I’m from Brooklyn and I just loved how this space encapsulated the look and feel of Brooklyn, right in the center of Brooklyn.

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