Dreamy Brooklyn Wedding

Take a peek at this Deity NYC Wedding that we have been swooning over. After 2 years of postponements, this Brooklyn couple finally got to tie the knot properly in front of family and friends. The party took full advantage of the Deity Bridal Suite and Rooftop on their big day. And thanks to perfect weather, photographer Cly by Matthew was able to capture the magic of these two. We asked this glowing couple to answer a few about their nuptials. This is what they had to say:

 Describe your wedding day Joyful, brimming with life and energy, and incredibly wholesome! This was not just our wedding, but also a much-needed reunion with dear family and friends who we had not seen for over a year due to the pandemic. It felt cathartic to finally hug, kiss, and dance with loved ones in the flesh after all the isolation. That, coupled with how amazing it felt to officially marry my husband, made it a night like no other.

 Was there something that surprised you on your wedding day? I was a little surprised about how incredibly relaxed and chill I was! I truly had NO worries and NO stress the entire day and was just singing, dancing, smiling and laughing from 10 in the morning when we first arrived at the venue until 3 AM when we finally got home after the after-party. I think a big reason for my lack of stress and ability to be so chill was knowing that everything was being taken care of so expertly by the Deity staff, my amazing hair and makeup and photography teams, etc. I had a clear sense of who was tackling what and never once felt like I had to be concerned about something getting done.

  If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be? I think the ceremony, specifically the sharing of our vows, is my favorite moment. We had been burning to share those vows for a year and a half now, and after 2 rescheduled weddings it felt so good to finally say them! So many people came up to us to say that the vows were the best they’d ever heard and that our ceremony was one of the most personal, unique and special ones they’ve seen, and that meant SO much to us. At some weddings, the ceremony is something people check their watches during and wish things could speed ahead to cocktail hour, so instead, we really worked hard at making the ceremony something people wanted to savor.

Whose help did you enlist the most?  My little sister Caitlin is extremely artistic and has a flair for decor and organization, so she pitched in a ton of time and effort for things like the menus, guestbook, signs, etc. I also had tons of communication with Caio from Deity about everything under the sun – ever-evolving COVID restrictions, requests for certain songs and transitions, seating arrangements, etc. Our original date was supposed to be 4/18/20, but we canceled and postponed it initially to 7/25/20, and canceled yet again for our third and final date of 6/25/21. Throughout all those reschedules and cancellations Deity remained steadfast in their support and reassurance, and we’re so grateful.

 What was your crowd like? Dancing crowd? Foodies? We were a party predominately made up of native New Yorkers! Mike and I were born and raised in Brooklyn and most of our family and friends currently reside in NYC. We are a fun-loving bunch who absolutely love a good party!  Was there a particular detail that a vendor did for you that was special? Mike’s father passed away in 2018. Our florist was able to use one of Mike’s father’s ties and incorporate strips of it into Mike’s boutonniere, his mother’s corsage, and his sister Kelly’s bouquet. 

How did you find and decide on Deity as your Wedding Venue? It was a really quick decision for us. We knew we wanted a wedding in NYC since we were born and raised here, and we had seen two venues before Deity (also in Brooklyn). There was something so charming and unique about Deity that we couldn’t stop thinking about. There are just so many interesting features you’d never see anywhere else – the big beautiful tree in the middle of the lounge, the disco ball and vintage “Brooklyn Love” sign in the dance room, the juxtaposition of stained glass and exposed brick – it had so much character. Also, the bridal lounge is just unreal – seeing how beautiful that space was and imaging everyone being able to get ready in such a luxurious space really sold it for us!

Please list all your vendors (that you can remember) 

Photography: Cly by Matthew

Hair and Makeup: Truly Happy Beauty

Dessert: One Girl Cookie

Flowers: Flowers by Emil

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