2021 Wedding Day Rain

Rain on your Wedding Day in 2021? No worries, it’s good luck to have Weddings at all! Rhiana and Leon pushed back their nuptials….like 3 times? But finally, on the first open weekend NYC in 18 months, they finally got to tie the knot. The joy of gathering in-person with family and friends was absolutely priceless. Deity NYC Wedding Venue felt honored to be able to host. And the magic of this very special occasion was captured by Tim Ryan Smith photography. We checked in with this very patient couple about how they felt about their big day! This is what they had say:

 Describe your wedding day

R (Bride): Freaking stressful. I spent a lot of time pretty anxious hoping everything would work out well, especially considering I’d already been spending 2+ years trying to have this freaking event! The actual day looking back was pretty perfect.                 

L (Groom): it was a flurry of emotions, almost all good! some of my family was being difficult during the photos but overall it was all happiness. seeing the people we love most and having everyone celebrate together was great. the food and service was spectacular too, everything flowed so smoothly and it seemed like everything went off without a hitch.  

 Was there something that surprised you on your wedding day?

R: That we were able to have it in the first place! Honestly, I had no surprises and that’s exactly how I wanted it. My heart couldn’t take any additional surprises.                 

L: I was mostly surprised by how quickly the night went. I was there for 9 hours (2-11) but it felt like 5 minutes.   

If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be?

R: I would say that the first look was my favorite part, and dinner haha.                  

L: my favorite part was the first look as well. For the second favorite it’s hard to pick between the dinner and dance party. but if I had to pick one of the two, i’d pick dance party by just a smidge. 

Whose help did you enlist the most?

R: I personally went to Deity for most assistance, and would take considerations from others. It was difficult to want to ask for help from my family because everybody was INTO weddings and had their vision, which didn’t match mine. I was really lucky to have great friends and an incredible sister-in-law to help me with the planning.

What was your crowd like? Dancing crowd? Foodies?

R: Our crowd was a mix of people who loved us, whether it was from the very beginning or having met us as a couple. It was just a room filled with affection…and booze. My people were drinkers, oh my goodness. It was so funny because I didn’t really drink much that night and I spent a good portion of time laughing at how drunk everyone was!                  

L: all my friends danced very little, but got very drunk! my dad and uncle got very drunk as well, so i guess if we had to put a label on it, i’d say party crowd?  

More from the Couple

Celebrating our big day at Deity was the best decision we made. It is an immensely beautiful venue; each floor has something inviting and charming about it, from the brick walls to the tasteful art and beautiful tree that is on the first floor area. The dance hall floor is massive and has a beautiful sign and very accommodating tables and chairs. All of our guests commented on how beautiful the venue was and distinct and special it looked from all other wedding venues they’ve been too. We certainly feel the same way; there’s something so special about the way it feels compared to your standard banquet/catering hall. If you want your wedding to look unique, this is the place! The food was absolutely fantastic! The hors d’oeuvres for cocktail hour were delicious; our guests were complimenting the chicken and waffle sliders and lobster rolls for days afterwards. The dinner was equally spectacular, the meats came out tender and the sides were plentiful and delicious. There was always enough food ready to go around and refill the family style servings that were on each table. No one walked away hungry after this wedding, that is for sure. The DJ deserves a special mention, as he is included in the venue pricing. This is generally rare and provides an extra service that really takes away the stress of booking that particular vendor.

The DJ Ben was spectacular, he played all the songs we asked without fault, and stuck to the types of songs we asked him to play for the entire dance party. Finally, the biggest and best asset this venue has to offer is the owner – Caio and his staff. He is immensely accommodating, communicative and transparent in all aspects of what the venue has to offer and what him and his staff can do for the couple. He stuck with us through all of covid and kept us updated regularly. He is always a phone call or email away for any questions or concerns we had throughout the whole planning process. No question was ever too detailed or complicated for him to deal with. On the wedding day, the staff were very attentive to our needs and ensured the event went off without a hitch. We couldn’t have been happier with how our big day went, and we owe it all to Deity! We cannot recall a single thing that went wrong or left a bad impression during the night. We highly recommend it if you want a unique, beautiful venue with amazing food and service.

Thanks to the Vendors

Deity NYC Wedding Venue

Tim Ryan Smith photography

Floral Heights (flowers)

Sarah & Simon Cake Design

Baonanas (banana pudding pop dessert)

Automic Gold (wedding bands)

Vera’s Bridal (wedding dress)                 

Alan David Tailors (groom’s suit)                 

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